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Chris Icough Memorial

I am sad to announce that Chris Icough died 11th April (Simone Icough)

A website has been created in his memory to raise money to send Chris' ashes to the surface of the moon and we hope this will be early 2012. Chris Icough Memorial

Astronomy has been a hobby of mine most of my liArzachel Areafe. It started as a curiosity when I was young with unanswerable questions such as why are we here and what else is out there. It was another 15 years before I bought my first telescope with a bonus I received for doing some overtime at work. It was a cheap department store type telescope, a 50mm refractor on an altaz wobbly tripod. Although it was a terrible telescope, it gave me my first view of craters on the moon, and my first ever view of saturn.

I was hooked. I started buying astronomy magazines and dreamed of bigger aperture. I decided that as I have a short attention span normally where hobbies were concerned,The Crescent Nebula
Saturn 2006I would wait 1 year and if I was still using the telescope on a regular basis I would upgrade it. One year later I ordered a 10" f/5.4 newtonian reflector. Now I was getting my first views of deep sky objects (when I could find them).

I saw for the first time M13 globular cluster and I still remember the view, a ball of resolved stardust - incredible. I kept this telescope for a few years and although the views were incredible, the mount was horrible. I was also reading the magazines and my favourite section was the gallery, I wanted to take pictures but knew that I would need a motor driven mount which was out of the question at that time.

NGC2537 The Bear Paw Galaxy
M95It was about then that I moved to Spain and donated the telescope to a local society. After a couple of years I bought a Meade ETX125 in Spain. Immediately after looking through it, I knew I had bought the wrong telescope.

Although it had goto and I could view many objects for the first time, I needed the 10" views that I was used to. This is how I arrived at my current telescope - a 10" f/10 Classic LX200. I soon added a Pictor 216 camera, then an MX7C, and then a Toucam Pro webcam. Now, several years after first gazing in amazement at the gallery images in magazines, I am realising my dream of being able to take similar images. All the images on this site were taken bM109y me, Chris, from my roof terrace in the south of Spain. I hope you enjoy them.